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We Offer Five Core Services

On local, state, and federal levels: Legislation and policy changes can have a profound effect on services for the disabled. Our Legislative Action Team members are motivated, organized watch-dogs of political issues affecting people with disabilities.

On an individual level: Advocacy may involve helping consumers speak up to get what they need and deserve.These could involve negotiations with an agency, financial institution, landlord, employer or any person or group affecting the person with a disability.

Independent Living Skills Training
Often having a disability means that many fundamental, day-to-day activities can be quite difficult, requiring patience and training to master.

Peer Support
A peer can relate to others who are now in a similar situation. People who themselves have endured the difficulty and stigma that can be part of living with a disability can meet with and reinforce each other with confidence and practical strategy.

Information & Referral
Our team of high skilled and widely networked advocates are able to connect people with disabilities with valuable community resources.

We can facilitate transition from nursing homes and other institutions to the community, provide assistance to those at risk of entering institutions, and facilitate transition of youth to postsecondary life.

Additional Services
Our non-attorney representative provides support and advocacy for people with disabilities seeking benefits advisement.