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Groups, Classes & Presentations

All classes are free and are held in safe & supportive environments. Check the website calendar on the home page menu or contact New Vistas for information on upcoming classes.

From Grief To Laughter
This class for adults with disabilities and/or chronic illness (or their caregivers) and meets weekly for 6 sessions. Classes cover feelings of loss related to disability or chronic illness, attitude awareness, positive coping strategies and how to deal with difficult emotions.

Living Well with a Disability
This 8 week course helps adults with disabilities or chronic illness set and accomplish goals, improve communication skills, learn problem solving skills, advocate for themselves, seek information, and improve overall physical and mental health.

Working Well with a Disability
Working Well with a Disability builds on the concepts of the Living Well with a Disability class but emphasizes maintaining a balanced lifestyle to support employment.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop
This 6 week workshop is for people living with chronic health plain and/or disabilities where you will learn new skills to better manage diabetes, arthritis, pain, cancer, high cholesterol, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure and other conditions that require ongoing care. The emphasis is on health improvement and staying active in your life and relationships.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Balance
As a form of healing exercise,Tai Chi is perfect for those of us with disabilities. Research has shown that it provides all the benefits of a workout, but because it is not strenuous, it carries no potentially harmful side effects and is even suitable for those of us who need to use a seated position to exercise. Classes are ongoing in a community setting.

Transition Group For Special Education Seniors
High school seniors who have been in the special education program are like other seniors— leaving adolescence and entering adulthood, with the additional challenges presented by their disabilities. The Transition Group facilitates students while they consider entering college, joining the work force and/or living on their own for the first time. The course is ongoing throughout the school year.

Staff members are available to give presentations about New Vistas, disability awareness and specific program services. Please contact the individuals listed below if you are interested in scheduling a presentation.

Sarah Michaud, Executive Director
505-471-1001 x108
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