DI outreach for IA in affected counties Mora Ruidoso Las Vegas

Thank you for allowing FEMA to come into your community and further assist the New Mexicans affected by the wildfires, Due to changes to DR-4652 Wildfire’s declaration FEMA will come to your community to

  • if you are registered, we will do a Case revision for you
  • if not registered we can do a new registration
  • our Voluntary Agency Liaison will be available for any unmet need
  • Mitigation will provide information on how to protect your home from further damage

To recap the purpose of the outreach is to give the residents of New Mexico affected by the 4652 event an opportunity to update their individual cases by FEMA coming to them at Visited locations.

Please bring what you will need from your program area, electrical cords, flyers, printers, etc. tables and chairs will be provided at all locations


  • Friday August 12 @ 10AM – 3PM

Senior Center

13 Courthouse Dr, Mora NM

3 IA: Erica Gilyard, Yolanda Shook, Marilia Muniz

2 IA VALS: Dawn Hubert, John Visnich

HM Aldo Escabi,

USDA Ninja Murphey, Community Programs Loan Specialist

EA Laura Forbes Theresa Jones

SBA Cynthia Cowell

CRAD Fabian Osbourne

USDA U.S. Forest Service   James Duran, Carson and Santa Fe Forest Supervisor

  • Monday August 15 @ 11AM – 3PM

Ruidoso Community Center

501 Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM

2 IA: Erica Gilyard, Marilia Muniz

2 IA VALS: Bonnye Reed, Kathleen Armstrong

EA Contract ASL Interpreters or Laura Forbes Theresa Jones

SBA Cynthia Cowell

CRAD Fabian Osbourne

HM Aldo Escabi

USDA-NRCS Rigoberto Lopez, Acting STC New Mexico


  • Tuesday August 16 @ 11 AM – 3PM

Senior Center

500 Sabino St., Las Vegas, NM

2 IA: Erica Gilyard, Stacie Holden-Rivers

2 IA VALS: Catherine Beckom, Dawn Hubert

EA Laura Forbes Theresa Jones

SBA Cynthia Cowell

CRAD Fabian Osbourne

HM Carmen Rosado

USDA Zac Frater, Business Programs Loan Specialist

USDA U.S. Forest Service James Duran, Carson, Santa Fe Forest Supervisor

I will be early at all locations to set the area for a successful event this will also be an opportunity to reconnect with the community key players


Gladys Lopez

DR-4652-New Mexico WildFires/Staight Line Winds

Advisor | Office of Disability Integration and Coordination | Office of the Administrator

Mobile: (202) 549-8570