The New Vistas microbusiness has the following key goals:

As a Center for Independent Living, New Vistas is required to generate revenue to supplement federal grants and other funding sources. One way that the agency achieves this goal is through the New Vistas Microbusiness – a production based program designed to both provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and to generate revenue for the agency that can then be used to support services to our consumers.

For over three decades, New Vistas has accepted and maintained production contracts from local agencies to support this program. Contracts vary based on individual business needs, but over the past 30 years have included preparation of bulk mailing items, small item assembly, and other small production services.

New Vistas is always happy to work with local businesses to explore contract and or production opportunities. Should you be interested in working with us, please contact our Microbusiness Coordinator at (505) 471-1001.