Local Fire Updates and Resources

Resources for those impacted by the recent fires in Northern New Mexico.

New Vistas Helping in the Community

New Vistas helping communities throughout Northern New Mexico


Parents often wonder about certain skills and behaviors observed in their children. These are the signs of an attentive and caring parent— the important thing is to find the answers and support you need.


We are a group of advocates who are fluent in the wide and complex network of disability support. We understand the area we live in inside and out and can help find the answer to many questions concerned with living with disabilities in northern New Mexico.


We are a consumer-controlled, community-based, cross-disability, nonresidential private nonprofit agency based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, providing an array of independent living services for nine northern New Mexico Counties. 51% of staff are persons with disabilities; 51% of Board of Directors are persons with disabilities; and providing five core services of advocacy, independent living skills training, peer support, information and referral, and transition.


Mom Holding Child with Disabilities, Early Intervention

Early Intervention Program

Children and their families accomplish what they need after engaging our program for a few short months; other children work with us for their first three years. The bottom line is: the earlier the intervention, the more effective it is.

Family taking a selfie, Disabilities Support

Disability Support

We’re here to provide guidance and support, to help individuals, families, and friends understand and cope with disabilities, increasing well-being, self-reliance, and independence.

Man clipping a bush, Microbusiness


New Vista strives to become more independent from the traditional government-related funding while at the same time advocating for adequate public funding for services to any age person with a disability.

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